Tenqido is a martial art that is not a martial art. You can practice Aikido, Judo or Taichi to practice Tenqido.

Tenqido is a religion that is not a religion. It is a religion though. You can be an atheist to practice Tenqido. As along as you are authentically peaceful, you can be Catholic, Buddhist, agnostic, into A Course In Miracles, Protestant, Hindu, Muslim, or whatever else, and still practice Tenqido.

Tenqido is a business that is not a business. Tenqido is a church that is not a church. There can be churches of Tenqido. There can be dojos that teach Tenqido. Tenqido is a coalition and a federation. Tenqido can provide services and products of value. Many churches provide value.

Michael Ten is the founder of Tenqido.