Month: January 2020

New Religious Movements and Language

New religious movements are theological evolutions and theological creations, discoveries, and realizations. There are many new religious movements on Earth today. Religion and theology has been part of our human experience since the beginning of our shared human history. 

If members of any new religious movement engage in illegal behaviors and are breaking just laws, then those new religious movement members should be held criminally responsible. Unjust laws should be repealed. 

Cult is a pejorative word for new religious movement. Cult is a stigmatizing label, which might be appropriate if a new religious movement is engaging in forced conversions and/or breaking just laws. 

If a new religious movement is authentically peaceful, then referring to such a movement as a cult is morally wrong. Improperly referring to new religious movements as a cult is bigoted and a form of spiritual bigotry. 

Psychiatry engages in forced conversions. Psychiatry is a pseudo medical cult. Psychiatry is a secular religion effectively. Psychiatry can legally engage in forced conversions through the utilization of civil commitment and the insanity defense. 

Theology can help one to experience more inner and outer peace. All religions at one time started as new religious movements. After a while, new religious movements can become established religious movements. Hopefully more humans will utilize conscience language in differentiating between cults and new religious movements.

Good Ideas and Defeating Aging

Gun rights good! Balanced budgets good. Artificial womb technologies can potentially sidestep the abortion debate. Aging kills about 5,000 Americans every 24 hours and Harvard Professor David Sinclair who wrote the book Lifespan and Dr. Aubrey de Grey who wrote the book Ending Aging probably both agree that our government should fund research to achieve “longevity escape velocity”.