Full specifications of the Resurrection Crypto Prize will be completed here. This is a Resurrection Crypto Prize. The goal is to literally resurrect humans and animals, even from a cremated state. Many cryptocurrency contributors to this prize may be necessary.


This is a long term crypto prize. This may take thousands of years or millions of years to develop into fruition.

Definition of Done

  • Provably be able to resurrect humans and animals from what is now defined as final death, even after cremation.
  • Provably resurrect at least 1,000 humans who want to be resurrected, and the ones who wish to stay alive on Earth must be alive for at least 100 years each.


A correct submission will:

  • Be able to resurrect humans and animals, even after cremation
  • Resurrection must be undeniable.
  • Resurrection can be completed using either scientific or spiritual means.
  • Techniques to resurrect humans and animals must be publicly verifiable, not cost more than 1 ounce of gold or 10 ounces of silver, and techniques for resurrection must be released into public domain.


  • This is starting with a seed of funding. This is meant to be a collaborative bounty to which millions of individual contribute. The prize must be large.
  • This bounty may never be completed, or it might take thousands or millions of years to complete.

View the actual Resurrection Crypto Prize.