Tenqido membership is open. Right now, membership relies on the honor system.

If you are interested in being a Tenqido member, put your name and links to social media on Tenqido Wiki.

All Patreon supporters of Tenqido’s founder, Michael Ten, are automatically granted initial membership to Tenqido. Support Michael Ten on Patreon.

Supporting Tenqido’s Michael Ten using The Money Button button on this website also automatically grants you 4 months of initial membership to Tenqido.

Being a practitioner of Tenqido does come with certain responsibilities. Members of Tenqido must behave in ways that are authentically ethical. Members of Tenqido must do their best to develop their on physical, mental, and spiritual self to the maximum potential. Members must be authentically peaceful, and do what is possible to help authentic, sustainable, and ubiquitous peace to be present on Earth.

To practice Tenqido start by practicing Aikido, Judo, Taichi, and/or Qigong.

Members of Tenqido should help to hasten the defeat of aging, help to see basic income implemented, help to outlaw psychiatric coercion, and help others to see with spiritual vision.