Author: Michael Ten


Perhaps, Infinite can know finite. Finite can sometimes understand the theory of infinite. Finite has limits. Infinite has no limits. Maybe both can have the illusion of death.

Finite can have an ending. Infinite could have a limit however would likely never choose to embrace an ending.

Infinite is real. Finite can be illusion. The infinite can transform finite into being real and infinite.

New Religious Movements and Language

New religious movements are theological evolutions and theological creations, discoveries, and realizations. There are many new religious movements on Earth today. Religion and theology has been part of our human experience since the beginning of our shared human history. 

If members of any new religious movement engage in illegal behaviors and are breaking just laws, then those new religious movement members should be held criminally responsible. Unjust laws should be repealed. 

Cult is a pejorative word for new religious movement. Cult is a stigmatizing label, which might be appropriate if a new religious movement is engaging in forced conversions and/or breaking just laws. 

If a new religious movement is authentically peaceful, then referring to such a movement as a cult is morally wrong. Improperly referring to new religious movements as a cult is bigoted and a form of spiritual bigotry. 

Psychiatry engages in forced conversions. Psychiatry is a pseudo medical cult. Psychiatry is a secular religion effectively. Psychiatry can legally engage in forced conversions through the utilization of civil commitment and the insanity defense. 

Theology can help one to experience more inner and outer peace. All religions at one time started as new religious movements. After a while, new religious movements can become established religious movements. Hopefully more humans will utilize conscience language in differentiating between cults and new religious movements.

Good Ideas and Defeating Aging

Gun rights good! Balanced budgets good. Artificial womb technologies can potentially sidestep the abortion debate. Aging kills about 5,000 Americans every 24 hours and Harvard Professor David Sinclair who wrote the book Lifespan and Dr. Aubrey de Grey who wrote the book Ending Aging probably both agree that our government should fund research to achieve “longevity escape velocity”.

Using Social Media to Outlaw Psychiatric Coercion

Do you want to see laws change with respect to psychiatry? Do you want to see psychiatric human rights abuses outlawed? Twitter can be one way of letting politicians know your views.

Twitter is a platform that many politicians are on.

If many people Tweet to politicians to tell them their views about psychiatry, then politicians will eventually hear the message. Individual politicians many not always see their Twitter notification. There is a good chance that someone is monitoring their social media feeds, and if enough people are trying to send a message to certain politicians, then those politicians may eventually become away of what potential voters are wanting and needing.

“Psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry should be outlawed. Read books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, like Psychiatric Slavery. Outlaw psychiatric slavery. @AOC @BernieSanders @SenJeffMerkley @RonWyden @SenWarren @CoryBooker @repblumenauer @AndrewYang @marwilliamson”

Tweet Example Template:
“Psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry should be outlawed. Read books by psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, like Psychiatric Slavery. Outlaw psychiatric slavery. @[PoliticiansTwitterHandleThatYouWantToBeHeardBy] @[PoliticiansTwitterHandleThatYouWantToBeHeardBy] @[PoliticiansTwitterHandleThatYouWantToBeHeardBy] @[PoliticiansTwitterHandleThatYouWantToBeHeardBy] @[PoliticiansTwitterHandleThatYouWantToBeHeardBy]”

You can copy this Tweet’s text exactly; however, you are encouraged to modify it with your personal voice and opinions. Use “@” sign to mention politicians and influencers that you want to hear your voice and ideas.

Do not do anything illegal or that violates any site/apps terms of service when Tweeting.

Listen to and Read Michael Ten

Michael Ten is an artist. He creates spiritual hiphop and writes books.


Radical Life Extension – This book is about why we should defeat aging.

Outlaw Psychiatric Slavery – This book is about why psychiatric coercion should be outlawed.

Extreme Longevity – This book is about how we can utilize social media and grassroots activism to help hasten the defeat of aging.


Michael Ten’s second album Infinite Time is available on all major digital music services.

Ten Milagros, the first album by Michael Ten; on Spotify, Apple Music, and all major digital music services.

This visionary album was inspired by A Course In Miracles and multiple more sources.

Tenqido Motivates Action

Tenqido is a philosophy. Tenqido is a spirituality. Atheists and Hindus, and individuals of all various faiths and lack there of can practice Tenqido as long as they are authentically peaceful, and seeking authentic Truth.

Defeating aging is inline with the philosophy of Tenqido.

Implementing universal basic income is inline with the philosophy of Tenqido.

Outlawing psychiatric coercion is inline with the philosophy of Tenqido.

Sublime energy is inline with the philosophy of Tenqido.

Tenqido is The Way of Sublime Energy or The Way of Heaven Spirit.

All energy and spirit on Earth should be sublime. We can extend and project sublime energy. On Earth as it is in Heaven. Heaven and Earth can cease to exist as separate states.

We should be motivated to be our best selves. We should be motivated to sculpt the energy on Earth into a sublime or Heavenly form, if and when possible. Infinite patience helps us to do this. Follow your inner guide. Follow Holy Spirit.

If you agree with the philosophy of Tenqido, then what helpful actions do you feel motivated to do? Tenqido is for all humans who want authentic peace and limitless peace.

Creating and Establishing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Internet social media technologies and cryptocurrencies together have recently enabled a new sort of human organization to emerge, decentralized autonomous organizations. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s) are a new ways for humans to collectively achieve worthwhile goals. DAO’s can be for profit or nonprofit, or somewhere in between, like benefit corporations.

Getting started and creating a DAO can be a fairly straightforward process. Announce that you want create a DAO. Create a website for the DAO you have the desire and ability. Create accounts for it on Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram, and so forth, if you think it might be helpful. Create a Discord channel, a sub-Reddit, a Facebook page, and maybe a YouTube channel or whatever platforms that you feel might be beneficial.

Collaborating on a DAO can take place online and offline. There are some free solutions for collaborating as decentralized autonomous organizations. GitHub and Reddit both offer wiki capabilities. Communication can take place over Twitter, email, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so forth. You can even use a telephone. Information can be disseminated through YouTube, Steemit, Medium, Memo, Discord, Twitter, email lists, and so forth.

Fundraising to fund and propel forward the mission and purpose of the DAO can take place on crowdfunding sites potentially. Sites like GitCoin and can be used to create bounties for tasks related to propelling forward the mission and purpose of the DAO.

DAO’s can exist for many reasons and many purposes. DAO’s are a new sort of human organizing, and since they are still emerging, best practices for DAO’s has yet to be established.

DAO’s can exist to help outlaw psychiatric coercion. DAO’s can exist to help hasten the defeat of aging. DAO’s can exist to help have basic income implemented either by governments or through cryptocurrencies. DAO’s can exist to help promote clean energy technologies. DAO’s can be religious organizations. DAO’s can effectively be businesses, either nonprofit or for profits. DAO’s can even effectively be benefit corporations. DAO’s can consist of one individual, or many.

Hopefully more individuals will create DAO’s and collaborate on DAO’s. Decentralized organizations can potentially help humans to transform Earth into a place that is full of abundance and prosperity. Be creative in how you create, establish, and collaborate in decentralized autonomous organizations.

Social Media DAO ICO

What countries are ICO’s legal in?

How can one run an ICO in USA and offer it to USA citizens and not violate US securities related laws?

Is it legal to be in USA and run an ICO to countries that allow ICO’s?

I think these are interesting and useful questions to ask.

Can ICO’s fund a decentralized autonomous organization?

I have an idea for an ICO to fund the creation of open source software, and hosting for this software. This software would be a social media site and app that allows for self serve advertising that accepts cryptocurrencies. Users could pay a small fee of cryptocurrency each month to not see ads. 90% or more of net profits from ads and also membership fees will be rewarded back to users (content creators). The app/site could be an alternative to Instagram, Facebook Twitter, and so forth.

I have this vision. I can’t do this alone. If you want to collaborate, please join me on /r/socialdao subreddit.

Tenqido DAO

Tenqido is a DAO effectively. A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization.

As far as I know, I, Michael Ten, founded Tenqido. Perhaps it already exists in other universes, if those exist. Perhaps the idea of Tenqido has always existed.

A Course In Miracles has inspired Tenqido. Aikido has inspired Tenqido. Qigong has inspired Tenqido. Snowboarding has inspired Tenqido.

Anyone can be part of Tenqido.

Tenqido is many things. Tenqido is an economic system built on ideas including caring, kindness, and reason.

Tenqido is a business that is not a business.

Tenqido is a religion that is not a religion.

Self Serve Advertising Accepting Cryptocurrencies

Are there any websites that offer self serve advertising, and accept cryptocurrencies for payment? Twitter, Google, and Facebook all allow for online self serve advertising. They seem to only accept national fiat currencies for payment.

Are there any popular websites, probably social media websites, that accept offer self serve advertising features, and accept cryptocurrencies for payment?

I hope such a website exists, or exists soon if it does not already. Of course, it should have an accompanying Android and iOS app that also has self serve advertising connected to the website, and also accepts cryptocurrencies for payment. Such a site/app should also allow for members to pay a small monthly fee with cryptocurrencies to not see ads on the site/app.