Creating and Establishing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Internet social media technologies and cryptocurrencies together have recently enabled a new sort of human organization to emerge, decentralized autonomous organizations. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO’s) are a new ways for humans to collectively achieve worthwhile goals. DAO’s can be for profit or nonprofit, or somewhere in between, like benefit corporations.

Getting started and creating a DAO can be a fairly straightforward process. Announce that you want create a DAO. Create a website for the DAO you have the desire and ability. Create accounts for it on Twitter, Facebook Pages, Instagram, and so forth, if you think it might be helpful. Create a Discord channel, a sub-Reddit, a Facebook page, and maybe a YouTube channel or whatever platforms that you feel might be beneficial.

Collaborating on a DAO can take place online and offline. There are some free solutions for collaborating as decentralized autonomous organizations. GitHub and Reddit both offer wiki capabilities. Communication can take place over Twitter, email, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so forth. You can even use a telephone. Information can be disseminated through YouTube, Steemit, Medium, Memo, Discord, Twitter, email lists, and so forth.

Fundraising to fund and propel forward the mission and purpose of the DAO can take place on crowdfunding sites potentially. Sites like GitCoin and can be used to create bounties for tasks related to propelling forward the mission and purpose of the DAO.

DAO’s can exist for many reasons and many purposes. DAO’s are a new sort of human organizing, and since they are still emerging, best practices for DAO’s has yet to be established.

DAO’s can exist to help outlaw psychiatric coercion. DAO’s can exist to help hasten the defeat of aging. DAO’s can exist to help have basic income implemented either by governments or through cryptocurrencies. DAO’s can exist to help promote clean energy technologies. DAO’s can be religious organizations. DAO’s can effectively be businesses, either nonprofit or for profits. DAO’s can even effectively be benefit corporations. DAO’s can consist of one individual, or many.

Hopefully more individuals will create DAO’s and collaborate on DAO’s. Decentralized organizations can potentially help humans to transform Earth into a place that is full of abundance and prosperity. Be creative in how you create, establish, and collaborate in decentralized autonomous organizations.