The Philosophy of Tenqido

Tenqido is a martial art that is not a martial art. It is a business that is not a business. It is a religion that is not a religion. It is a political party that is not a political party. Tenqido is a quasi decentralized autonomous organization.

The philosophy of Tenqido is partially the same as Judo. Part of the philosophy of Tenqido is to benefit self and others, and another part is maximal efficiency, minimal effort.

Tenqido also borrows philosophy from Aikido and the book A Course In Miracles. This is as follows. Establish Heaven on Earth and in this Universe. You are entitled to perfect happiness. We need do nothing. You need do nothing. If you listen, Holy Spirit will direct you, but you are not forced to listen. Dispel illusions. See with spiritual vision.

Tenqido is not for everyone. Come as you like, and leave at any time. Go to Tenqido Wiki on GitHub if you want to be part of Tenqido.