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Chattel slavery was once deemed constitutional. Psychiatric slavery is currently legal. Nonconsensual psychiatry is psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery needs to be outlawed.


Help to defeat aging. Help to outlaw psychiatric slavery. Help to hasten the full implementation of universal basic income.

Tenqido Affiliation

Tenqido is relatively new. If you want to affiliate an organization of yours, please let me know what your organization is. Tenqido is a decentralized autonomous organization. If you want to affiliate as an individual, I’ll ask this. Do you already regularly go to a gym or practice Aikido, Taichi, Judo, Qigong, Yoga, or Kravmaga, or engage in another form of self betterment? How do you want to benefit society? How so? Are you authentically peaceful? I look forward to hearing from you. Come as you like, leave at any time.


More about Tenqido soon!

For now, read A Course In Miracles, go camping, donate money to a nonprofit, practice Qigong, Taichi, or Aikido, volunteer, be authentically peaceful.