Author: Michael Ten

Founding International Futurist Party DAO


  • Implement universal basic income
  • Develop artificial wombs
  • All drugs should be legal
  • Cryptocurrencies and tokens can legally act as securities as long as risks are sufficiently disclosed
  • Psychiatric coercion and nonconsensual psychiatry should be outlawed
  • Cryonics available for all
  • Public funding devoted to defeating aging, and having aging declared a potentially treatable disease
  • Public funding for higher education
  • More soon….

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He Will Direct You

According to A Course In Miracles, you do not have to worry about what to say or what to do because he who sent you will direct you. He will direct you!

You don’t have to worry!

He will direct you!

It’s not that he might direct you. He WILL direct you. You do not have to listen though.

A Course In Miracles uses the future tense; he will direct you. Despite time being an illusion, the direction may occur in 1 millionth of a second or in 1 million years. Maybe it is happening right now.

Either way, he will direct you and you don’t have to worry. You can worry if it’s helpful, but you don’t have to! You need do nothing, but you are not required to do nothing.

Follow your heart and Holy Spirit. You will be directed.

Use Spiritual Vision and Spiritual Hearing

Use spiritual vision AND spiritual hearing!

Recently I’ve been trying to rely more on spiritual vision with my third eye.

I realized that I’ve not been using spiritual listening as much as I should. I have been relying too much on physical ears.

I realized today that I should be trying to use spiritual hearing in addition to spiritual vision.

Everything is so much quieter now since I’m filtering out the unreal more. I can still choose to hear with physical hearing still of course, but when I use spiritual hearing it helps me to put reality into perspective.

I feel called by Holy Spirit to share this.

Psychiatric Slavery Will Be Outlawed Eventually

In graduate school and undergrad I was exposed to the ideas of psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.

In undergraduate school we read his essay The Myth of Mental Illness. The essay is available online to read for free.

In graduate school we were shown a video of a debate between Szasz and Albert Ellis.

Szasz wrote about 35 books.

He believed that psychiatry medicalizes problems in living and that suicide should be respected as a civil and human right.

He wrote a book called Psychiatric Slavery and believed that civil commitment and the insanity defense form the foundations of psychiatric slavery.

He passed in 2012 at the age of 92.

Szasz will not be forgotten.

The unfortunately obscure fact that I learned from all this is that psychiatry is not authentic medicine. Real medicine deals with real diseases and disorders that can be objectively diagnosed, that can have an objective potential cure, and they are not voted into existence. Homosexuality was once an official psychiatric disorder that was eventually voted out of existence.

Social Media

Social networking sites that serve hundreds of millions of not paying users can only exist because of advertising. The next generation of massively scaled social media sites/apps should self serve advertising that only accepts cryptocurrencies as payments and users should be given an option of paying a reasonable monthly fee to not see advertising. Users that create content on the site should be rewarded at least 90% of the net profits from advertising. Minimum royalty laws should exist. This sort of next generation of social media sites/apps should be able to function as an alternative to Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and so forth. The platform should ideally be open source and as greatly decentralized as possible.


Chattel slavery was once deemed constitutional. Psychiatric slavery is currently legal. Nonconsensual psychiatry is psychiatric slavery. Psychiatric slavery needs to be outlawed.


Help to defeat aging. Help to outlaw psychiatric slavery. Help to hasten the full implementation of universal basic income.

Tenqido Affiliation

Tenqido is relatively new. If you want to affiliate an organization of yours, please let me know what your organization is. Tenqido is a decentralized autonomous organization. If you want to affiliate as an individual, I’ll ask this. Do you already regularly go to a gym or practice Aikido, Taichi, Judo, Qigong, Yoga, or Kravmaga, or engage in another form of self betterment? How do you want to benefit society? How so? Are you authentically peaceful? I look forward to hearing from you. Come as you like, leave at any time.


More about Tenqido soon!

For now, read A Course In Miracles, go camping, donate money to a nonprofit, practice Qigong, Taichi, or Aikido, volunteer, be authentically peaceful.